Did you know…?

Did you know Beagles are known as being one of the most vocal dog breeds? In fact Beagle means “Loudmouth” in French! 

Beagles have a real quality of persistence and the ability of working things out for themselves. As a working dog, they are right up there with the best.

They have about 220 million scent receptors compared to humans who have only about five-million scent receptors. The Beagle’s nose is so perceptive at differentiating between scents, that Beagles are commonly used in security and law enforcement to track prohibited or illegal materials, such as drugs or explosives, at crime scenes and airports.

All purebred Beagles have a white tip at the end of their tail. This white tip makes it easier to see the Beagle when they have their nose to the ground when hunting through woods and fields.

From the perspective of their health, weight is a real issue. Beagles have a tendency to overeat. The Beagle club go as far as to say,  “Beagles enjoy eating and are extremely ‘good doers’, so it’s far more a case of being strict and avoiding tit-bits between meals or over feeding than having to worry about trying to find something they will deign to eat. An adult beagle only needs one meal a day, with usually a biscuit in the evening to go to bed with”. Wow! That is some advice!

They are prone to hypothyroidism (www.pdsa.org.uk)  where the thyroid doesn’t make enough of the chemical that breaks down food into energy. So, if you own or looking to own one of these beauties, having a handle on diet is key.

On a lighter note, the most famous Beagle is Snoopy from the comic strip Peanuts. But he isn’t the only cartoon Beagle. Garfield’s best friend was a Beagle called Odie and Gromit from Wallace and Grommit is a Beagle too!