From the Fridge

You don’t always have to buy expensive pre-packaged treats to reward your dog and there are a plethora of ideas on the internet and in social media on how to make snack time a healthy time.

It can take all the seasons to figure out taste buds, something I wish I had done from a much earlier age. From my experience, if you have a young pup, it is worth getting the taste buds trained early on.

My dog will eat whole yellow bell peppers if he got his paws on them. And he loves his veg but prefers it cooked. Asparagus ends yes, don’t try him with broccoli, he is one of those dogs whos tunnies it irritates.  Carrots are a big no for him, as are apples, he doesn’t like them. Frozen fruit yes, he will chase me down for the exotic fruit mix that most supermarkets sell.

He loves egg, in all shapes or form. He’ll nudge a whole one around the garden before prizing out its contents. He loves them raw on top of his meal, or hard boiled. (Although hard boiled he leaves the white!).

So next time you are waiting for the kettle to boil, grab a healthy something from the fridge and see what your dog will do for it. It might take time to broaden their taste bud horizons however, their health will thank you in the long run.