Where Xylitol hides

I much prefer to write about fresh healthy ingredients that have amazing benefits for our faithful friends however, sometimes, expanding on what we know in the world of toxicity can be helpful.

Every dog owner knows this word, we know it is in chewing gum and we know it is in some peanut butters. We know, if we have any doubt, it is trip straight to the vet.

It is used as a sweetener so, whilst you might not know this, you won’t be surprised to learn it is also in low fat varieties of yoghurt, baked goods, cake mixtures  and some peanut butter. It is in some sweets (not just sugar free ones), mouth wash and toothpaste. It is also used in diabetic snacks and foods. Chewable multi vitamins? It’s used in that too. It’s in Jell-0. Jam, syrup, condiments, honey, protein bars and powders. What about flavoured waters? Yes, it  used in some of them too.

How much xylitol does it take for xylitol poisoning?  More than 0.1g per kilo of dog is deemed toxic and more than 0.5g per kilo of dog can cause acute hepatic necrosis (basically kills the tissues of the liver)

So, for a 20 kilo dog, that is just 2 grams. The real problem though is, no matter how many brands I researched,  the quantities of this ingredient are not stated.

I think the next blog is going to be about healthy treats from the fridge as this topic has been a bit gloomy for me!

CUrrently taking a break...

Hello everyone!

I have been a bit quiet recently, getting Spirit’s Community up and running has become more than a full time job! So until it is resourced, I am going to take a break here. But I will be back later in the year with a fabulous new nutrition programme to help your dog maintain a healthy weight!

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