Meet Bear

Gorgeous isn’t he? He is the reason I am here doing what I do, and I have absolute gratitude to him! For the first 18 months of his life, he put me through the wringer!

Being my first dog, my initial headache was figuring out what to feed him. Taking a breeder’s advice is a fair place to start, but it didn’t resonate with me as the only way. There were so many different brands of dog food on the market, how would I know what was best for him?

Everyone had an opinion, and I was the moth who chased the light – this way – that way! When I finally thought I had figured it out, he told me otherwise by turning his nose up at it.

Combine this with Campylobacter, which he contracted almost immediately, I had a dog who was a fussy eater and had such a sensitive digestive system that managing his stress and gut bacteria was a full-time job.

What has stress got to do with it? Everything! He was also reactive and so a nice walk in the park could set off stress to his gut, which in turn set off his campylobacter. We were back to square one, he became unwell again, his digestive system took a battering and he went off his food.

I really struggled to find help and Bear and I worked through it as a team, one day at a time. I knew there must be so many other people out there who were struggling like me, so I began to formally study canine nutrition and I haven’t stopped since. Now, I not only have a healthy and happy dog but I am helping other dog owners and doing something I simply love.