Furbaby Friendly Flowers

It is November and we are either in lockdown or heavily restricted due to the Pandemic. I don’t know about your region, but I saw Christmas decorations go up in our local barbers a few weeks ago and there are signs of lights and tinsel all over the county. And why not? Cheer, whether its festive or otherwise, is in demand across the world.

Starting earlier than I planned, I am going to kick off the seasons themed topics with this beautiful plant. It is widely known that poinsettia and lilies are toxic to dogs, but what are the alternatives as you start your decorating?

These beauties come in all colours to match your festive décor. And, stepping out of my canine nutrition arena, I do have one other area of expertise – keeping orchids alive! Simply soak them in water for one hour a week, let them drain off for 10 minutes, pop them back in the pot and leave for another week.

Better than poinsettias and cut lilies, they last so much longer and really are quite beautiful when in bloom.

Hold onto your woolly hats, we have the UK’s most ethical florist putting together a stunning dog friendly Christmas bouquet just for us dog owners! As soon as it goes on sale, you will be the first to know.