Meet Pippin

Introducing Pippin, he is gorgeous and such a lovely lad. I met Pippin socially in the summer and had a lovely conversation with his owner about her journey from kibble to something more. So much so, I asked her if she would write her story, to help inspire others into a world of where to start getting confidence with giving meal time more variety.   

This is what his owner told me about him and her journey into home cooking.

My Pippin is 11 months old and rightly so on puppy recipes, his growth plates won’t be fully developed for a fair few months yet so needs all the good stuff to help with that.  However, he is a very intelligent boy and was getting bored of the same old puppy kibble. Finally, he went off it completely which was worrying, as he is still growing and needs the puppy recipes.

 So we started trying lots of different kibble, sometimes it had an impact, though not all the time.

 I realised I’d feel the same munching cold dry kibble twice a day!

 We asked around and some of his friends put half a tin of fish on top of their dog’s dinner so we went to the shop and bought every type of fish in a can; sardines, tuna, mackerel… both the sunflower and tomato sauce flavours… which went down a treat! So now we mix it up, half a tin per meal and different type per day. We also sometimes put some cooked chicken in the kibble, you can buy saver packs from the supermarket and freeze it, just putting a handful in dinner every now and then.

 Now, the one that really goes down a treat (good for us when we run out of fish occasionally) egg. Crack an egg into the kibble and mix it up – gone in a jiffy – thought apparently not all dogs are as much of a fan as Pippin is about raw egg!

 Finally, adding a bit of hot water and leaving it to sit for 5 mins (and cool) so all the lovely for dog’s smells come out seems to work every now and then.

 We haven’t had any issues since we started mixing it up. As I say he is a clever boy so very good at making sure we know what he does and doesn’t want which is a blessing and a curse sometimes.

 Moving forwards we mix his old puppy kibble with lamb and rice adult food for variety (and he loves Lamb) and then mix in a tin of fish, egg, bit of chicken or hot water and by constantly changing the flavours of kibble we buy, though keeping a puppy vs adult kibble balance so he gets all the healthy good stuff, we are able to keep him interested and engaged with his food. 

It’s a shame as he was such a food focused puppy, training with treats was the only way, but now he is way more interested in toys and his ball is the best treat for training! Which does not help the mealtime fiasco.

We hope Pippin’s story inspires or helps others to find solutions which help their pooches too. Be brave with the food bowl – it is great to mix it up and new ingredients so that meal times are not only interesting but a broader balance of nutrition.

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Hello everyone!

I have been a bit quiet recently, getting Spirit’s Community up and running has become more than a full time job! So until it is resourced, I am going to take a break here. But I will be back later in the year with a fabulous new nutrition programme to help your dog maintain a healthy weight!

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