Are you insured if your dog is overweight?

According to figures released by the British Veterinary Association (BVA), over 60% of vets say obesity is the biggest health and welfare concern for UK pets.

Reported recently in The Times, the worrying part is that an increasing number of pet insurance companies are now rejecting claims for sick animals if they are found to be overweight. Pet owners whose animals are obese face insurance claims rejected if they have failed to manage or declare the weight problem.  There has been a surge in complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service as people are being refused pay outs as they did not declare the weight problem.

And the insurers are investing time on the health consequences of pet obesity so that they can adjust their premiums. One insurer, Animal Friends, studied 20,000 pet health records and discovered that the number of claims for treatment of arthritis had more than trebled since 2015. If you are interested in how the insurance data is collected for your breed, here is the link

It can be really difficult facing the reality that your faithful friend is overweight. Food to humans is considered a way to show love. So how will your dog know you love him or her if you don’t treat them? Well, that is simple, dogs respond to the one who trains them, not necessarily the one who feeds them.


Have a check now and see if you can feel each rib. The ribs shouldn’t be protruding but you should be able to count each one easily.

Calculating calories and food quantities whilst ensuring your dog has balanced nutrition can be overwhelming. I know this to be true as I have been there. So, if you would like some support in setting up a plan that is right for your dog and support throughout the journey, do book a call. Once you are on the right feeding path it is really easy to manage and your dog, and insurance premiums, will thank you.

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