Meet Dillon

What a gentleman this chap is. Blind in both eyes, he has THE best nose in town and has taken to mantrailing like a duck to water!

Dillon has spent the last 2 years in a shelter waiting for his forever home. Now that he is settled, his new owner asked me to do a full diet check and also help with a programme that will enable him to lose weight at a safe rate.

We looked at three core areas and Dillon is one lucky boy as only small adjustments are needed – some cheeky supercharging boosters here and there to help his waist line and help him look good for the girls

Nutrition: Dillon’s owner uses a blend of home cooked, high end kibble, wet food and raw (bones). He is getting a fantastic variety and balance. We added a phenomenal, off the chart, plant-based enzyme to boost this boy all the way so that he extracts every last ounce of nutrition at mealtimes. And, as an extra, the chances are that he will feel fuller for longer.

Weight: His owner wants to reduce his weight by a few kilos, so we calculated his daily food allowance, based on his resting energy requirements. I provided a sheet to Dillon’s owner so she can keep track daily of his portion sizes as well as ensuring that all the food groups are being met. Watch out Dillon, it’s going to be more lightly steamed veg! By the way, my dog is like a small child when it comes to veg so I’ll do a blog on how to disguise veggies for the fussy ones soon!

Dillon will be on a calorie-controlled diet until:

– Ribs, spine and hip bones are easily felt;

– He has a visible waist with an abdominal tuck; and

– Just a small amount of fat can be felt over his ribs.

Joints: The third area his owner wanted to discuss is his joints. His owner is experienced with German Shepherds and knows that this breed is at risk of hip dysplasia so nutrition and weight are super-duper important. We know he had a high-quality diet for the last 2 years in the shelter, however, before that, it’s unknown. Add to this, he is over 8 years old so, bless him, his joints will naturally deteriorate through age. Before this happens, we are going to load up his nutrition and supplements with his joints in mind. Prevention is better than cure!

Dillon you are such a character and blessed to be in such a wonderful home. Do check in with us and tell us how you are doing!